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March 28th, 2015

I hired PSChairartistry for my Recent wedding. I was over joyed with the service She provided. Like many brides, I was unsure of what I wanted with my hair. Paige helped me decide on a beautiful style that complemented my wedding and personality perfectly. Her professionalism before, during, and after my big day was exceptional. She arrived on time, made me feel comfortable, and most of all made me feel beautiful. I would recommend PSchairartistry to anyone looking for a wedding hairstylist.

-Alison Canfield

March 10th, 2015

I hired PSC Hair Artistry for my spring wedding and could not have been more thrilled with the results. I was fortunate enough to have worked with Paige prior to the big day, so I already knew of her absolute professionalism, calming and fun-loving nature, free spirit, and for lack of better words, pure “artistry,” when it comes to hair. However, there is a heightened level of stress that comes with your wedding day. I was cautious in choosing a stylist that would not only make me feel beautiful, but would also accommodate the unique styles and tastes of each of my bridesmaids. Paige and her team well exceeded my expectations.

From her flexibility in scheduling a hair trial date (I live in NYC and was getting married in DC, so dates to choose from were limited) to her prompt arrival at the bridal suite on the day of, Paige was incredibly communicative and easy to work with, which (as a bride who was stressing about every last detail) helped alleviate all stress. She was quick to set up and held to a tight schedule, completing 8 hairstyles in what felt like record time.

At Paige’s recommendation, I had each of my bridesmaids send her photos of hairstyles and “looks" that they liked, prior to the actual day. And despite many different hair types to work with - long and thick, fine and short - I can honestly say that each of the finished styles looked even better than the photos! Paige and team knew exactly how to manipulate each girl’s hair, while perfectly complementing their individuality. It added to the fun and excitement of the day, as my mother and each of my bridesmaids quickly transformed into the most beautiful, glamorous versions of themselves.

As the bride, Paige was graciously accommodating when I asked to change up the look from my trial on the day of. An indecisive bride can be her own worst enemy! But without flinching, she effortlessly tweaked my style to accommodate a flower clip and created the soft, romantic curls that I’d been dreaming of. And it’s worth mentioning that my hair held up for a full 12 HOURS to the very end of the night, without a curl out of place - even after some serious dancing!

I truly cannot thank PSC Hair Artistry enough for bringing fun, creative energy to the bridal suite, for being so fantastic to work with, and most importantly, for helping me make my wedding vision a reality. Thank you, Paige!

-Susan Hammond

September 27th, 2014

 For many of us we have been dreaming of our wedding day since we were little girls! Over time our ideas and plans may have changed; who the man standing there has changed at least hundred times! And as we got older and realized awful things like budgets, and bills; we quickly realized the plan to have N*SYNC sing our first dance song was just a dream- not reality! (Baby, Bye Bye Bye)
But all that being said when your Prince Charming gets down on one knee and asks to marry you, every girls world is instantly in a tizzy, thinking of all the details from the dress to guest lists and napkin colors!

And of course thanks to the power of Pinterest, we now also have this desire to be crafty and DIY all of our table centerpieces and now the need to decorate the bathrooms are thing!

We are suckers for adding more and more to our plates! At least that's all true for me!

But I was lucky when it came to my hairstylist, because Paige was like my own fairy Godmother! I showed her a few hairstyles that I loved for my big day, we talked about the overall look I was going for and in true fairy tale fashion she turned me into a beautiful bride!

She didn't just take on the task of my hair- she also did my wedding party, which included 9 bridesmaids and 3 mothers! So needless to say on the morning of my wedding we were on a tight timeline!

Paige handled doing everyone's hair with ease and grace! She came to the hotel we were all staying in and immediately got set up and got the first girl in the chair to begin!

9 up do's; if you've ever sat through one, you know that's talent! Every girls hair was similar but not identical (which is what I wanted), and she worked with their face type and features to play out the best for each of them! I wanted my girls to look great- and they were flawless!

She was very professional getting everyone in and out of the chair in record time! But, it wasn't all business and no fun; she added to the overall experience of the morning! She had music playing and she danced along laughing right there with us! She brought a sense of calmness to what could have been a hectic room!

I know from a brides point of view I didn't want to stress about the small stuff- I had other things to worry about like don't fall, make sure you put his ring on the left hand and smile because everyone is watching you!
So knowing that Paige was on my glam squad, helped bring a sense of relief!

I spoke about that nasty word budget earlier, and with our timeline I did not have the time to have our hair done at a salon- and besides I wanted to get pictures of us all together, laughing and having a great time! (Thanks Pinterest) I knew this was going to break the bank but to my surprise Paige was so reasonably priced and for what the overall outcome and experience was, I got away with a steal!

The long story short, if you want it done right- if you are looking for flawless; it only makes sense you'd choose Paige!

-Caitlin Boswell

September 20th, 2014

Paige did my bridesmaids and I on a 'hotter than normal' September day. She's been coloring/cutting my hair for a few years now and was the only one I wanted to make me beautiful for one of the biggest days of my life. Everyone looked and felt so stunning; our hair was picture-perfect in no time at all, and we all looked amazing from the minute we left her chair until our send off at the end of the night. BOOK HER WHILE YOU CAN! You will not regret it!

-Alyssa Lee

September 9th, 2014

Paige was amazing! She was super helpful in understanding what I wanted my hairstyle to be for the wedding and worked with me during the trial. She also was super patient and helpful with all of my bridesmaids and did not care being there early to get them all done. I was so happy with the way my hair turned out. I could not have dreamed of a better wedding day and Paige was there to help make it all happen!

-Kelsey Fetsko

July 13th, 2014

I met Paige while I worked with the Redskins and she was doing the hair of the Cheerleaders for their calender shoot. When I got engaged I knew immediately who to contact. After a few calls I got Paige's contact information and set everything up from Texas to meet with her in Maryland. She was very flexible and easy to work with especially being so far away. Paige met me at my parents house when I came to town for my trail and was on time professional and did my hair better than I could have hoped! After the trail I was very happy with my choice and then on my wedding day Paige knocked out 6 bridesmaids, mother of the bride and me quickly and professionally. If could do it all again I would, without a doubt, use Paige again. She was one of the girls and made everyone look fabulous! I would highly recommend her for any wedding, reception or event you have!

-Jessica Armstrong

June 7th, 2014

Words cannot say enough as to how wonderful Paige was to work with! From the very beginning she was SO sweet and accommodating to the craziness of pre-wedding scheduling. She worked with me to meet one on one before the wedding to get a feel for what I wanted. I went in with a vision for my hair (including a rather difficult flower crown!) and Paige absolutely brought it to life! Not only was the pre-wedding prep much less stressful knowing I had someone who would help bring my hair vision to life, but Paige got along wonderfully with the other vendors and my bridesmaids and was 100% along for whatever the bridal party asked of her (I'm pretty sure we told Paige only 4 people were getting their hair done which actually turned into 7....BUT, she was so flexible and worked to ensure everyone's hair looked flawless with a huge smile on her face while doing so!) Paige was an absolute delight to be around on such a big day and is also such a gem in the industry- really helping people bring their visions to life and being so wonderful to work with along the way! Thank you again Paige!

-Arianna Korangy